Hickory Hollow – Wall of Fame Challenge

Hickory Hollow Chicken Fried Steak Challenge

Hickory Hollow describes itself as a Texas Cafe serving Texas comfort food. So what do you think of when you think of Texas and food? Well barbecue and chicken fired steak, of course. So is it any wonder that Hickory Hollow offers two challenges surrounding Texas comfort food? CHALLENGE: Challenge […] Read more »

Thorny’s Steakhouse and Saloon – Steak Dinner Challenge

Fair warning must be given: if you go to Thorny’s website be prepared to have your mouth start watering and become instantly hungry. The first thing that greats you is an image of a perfectly cooked, massive cut of prime rib. Actually it’s a good thing that it makes you […] Read more »

Lunker’s Angler Inn Lunkasaurus Steak Challenge

The Angler Inn located inside Lunker’s which is one of the largest fishing, hunting and outdoor stores in the United States. The restaurant is one of a kind with 1,000 gallon beautiful salt-water tank sitting underneath a canopy of a “northern woods experience,” and a thunderstorm with lightning and heavy […] Read more »

Brand Steakhouse at the Monte Carlo 120 Ounce Steak

We are a little unsure of one of the details of this challenge, although the challenge itself has been well documented. The 120 ounce steak is on the menu as a meal for six. Included in the meal is your choice of side dishes and that is where the question […] Read more »

Fat Tony’s Original 5 Pound Philly Cheese Steak Challenge

This restaurant takes it portions and challenges seriously. How about a 2.5 pound burger? Just kidding that isn’t a challenge at Fat Tony’s that’s just part of the regular menu. No they have three challenges, one that picks fire over-size. We featured the burger challenge earlier, so now we are […] Read more »

Three Great Steak Challenges Scheduled for Friday

When I featured Steak & Main Oyster Bar and Steak House, I mentioned that they seem very active with their food challenges. Considering the steaks they offer it is quite understandable, after all who wouldn’t want to try to eat as many of them as possible. Well just to prove […] Read more »

Steak & Main Oyster Bar & Steak House Great Steak Challenge

This challenge was featured on Man v Food in its second season and was first aired on 10/28/2009. A clip highlighting the fantastic steaks in the challenge is below. From the looks of their facebook page it is a very active challenge with people trying it quite often, the most […] Read more »