Diablo’s Catina Death Wing Challenge

Diablo's Cantina giant drink

Las Vegas, heat and defying death, as well as the odds all go together. So why not combine them at Diablo’s and enjoy them at one spot. CHALLENGE: Eat 20 wings soaked in Diablo’s Death Sauce consisting of habanero chili puree and ghost chili extract in 20 minutes. LOCATION: Diablo’s […] Read more »

Allan’s Mexican Restaurant – Diablo Burrito Challenge

Allen's Mexican Restaurant Diablo Challenge

This challenge mixes a beat the best time challenge with surviving hot food challenge. Considering this burrito is loaded with ghost chilies eating quickly is probably a good idea anyways. CHALLENGE: This is a two-tiered challenge eat the two bound diablo burrito made with the hottest peppers on the planet, […] Read more »

Fire on the Mountain – El Jefe Challenge

Fire on the Mountain Wings

Fire On The Mountain takes its sauces seriously. With 12 to choose from you know they are going to take any sauce they put on a hot wing challenge seriously. So seriously you can buy the sauce by the bottle online. So if you want to practice this challenge at […] Read more »

IHOP Pancake Bowl I

In celebration of the return of IHOP’s all you can eat pancakes they are holding their first annual “Pancake Bowl.” Various IHOP locations around the country are participating, but it does not appear all U.S. IHOPs are. As of right now, artIicles have shown that IHOPs in Los Angeles, Sacramento, Des […] Read more »

Rojo Mexican Bistro’s Grande Taco

Tired of all the burrito challenges? Well then try a taco challenge. Just as big and delicious. The challenge is no longer officially on the menu. However, we have been in contact with Rojo’s and they said they will be happy to make it for anyone that comes in and […] Read more »

Fiskie’s Cafe Wall of Fame Challenge

This is a sister restaurant to Andre’s Cafe which waspreviously featured. Like Andre’s their challenges change on occasion so be sure to check to see what the current one is. CHALLENGE: Eat 1 Beef Burger, 1 Chicken Burger, 1 Turkey Burger, 1 Veggie Burger and 1/2 pound Fries in 30 […] Read more »

Binga’s Stadium Meat Mountain

Binga’s says it is Portland’s premier sports bar and entertainment venue and to enhance the entertainment they have 3 eating challenges to choose from. We have already covered their heat challenge. The Meat Mountain challenge is the second of the three that we will feature. CHALLENGE: Eat a 5 lb. […] Read more »

Wolfe’s Tavern Moose Burger Challenge

An authentic New England style pub, originally built in 1812 provides a charming background for this challenge. CHALLENGE: Eat a 2-pound burger, topped with a 1/2 pound of bacon, 1/2 pound of cheese, 1 tomato, onions, house made pickles, lettuce, an entire house-baked loaf of bread & 1 pound of […] Read more »