Red Onion Burgers – The Intimidator Challenge

Red Onion Burgers Intimidator Challenge

When it is all said and done, challenges are about the food. So if you are going to have a burger challenge, why not start with a gourmet burger and local fresh buns. In other words why not start with Red Onions Intimidator Challenge. CHALLENGE: Eat Six (6) 1/4-pound burger […] Read more »

Masa’s Jefe de Jefe Burrito Challenge

In case the burrito isn’t filling enough, Masa’s boasts the largest Tequila selection in Tacoma. EATING CONTEST: Eat six pound burrito with your choice of taco meat, four flour tortillas, bean purée, rice, crema, lettuce, pico de gallo,Mexican cheese blend and guacamole in 30 minutes or less. EATING COMPETITION LOCATION: […] Read more »

Ram Restaurant and Brewery Behemoth Burger Challenge

This burger challenge has its own Facebook page. Now how great is that? And with locations in 4 states you have a nice great opportunity to try it. EATING CONTEST: Eat a four-pound burger (which includes every topping the Ram offers on burgers i.e. mayo, mustard, Anaheim peppers, American cheese, […] Read more »

Wing Central – Big Dawg Challenge

Wing Central has 101 types of beer, 51 unique bomb shots and a 22 inch chili dog. Hey you have to soak up all that alcohol somehow. EATING CONTEST: Eat a 22 inch Big Dawg, chili cheese style, served with a pound of fries in 22 minutes. EATING COMPETITION LOCATION: […] Read more »

The Loose Wheel Bar and Grill Burger Challenge

A sports bar with home-style food, large portions, affordable prices and a food challenge. Sounds like the perfect combination. EATING CONTEST: Eat Two Grilled Cheese Sandwiches surrounding TWO POUNDS of burger, half pound of bacon plus lettuce, tomato, pickles and your choice of lubes, along with two pounds of Jo-Jo […] Read more »

Freak8r’s Report on Voodoo Doughnuts Texas Doughnut

If you like sugar, make sure you stop by Voodoo Doughnuts in Portland, OR. They have a massive assortment of products to satisfy any sweet tooth. For the adventurous eater, there is a special eating challenge available. Polish off a massive Texass Doughnut in 80 seconds or less and it’s […] Read more »

Taco Del Mar – Cinco De Mondo

Taco Del Mar is a mainly West Coast Mexican restaurant that got its start in Seattle and is known for its fish tacos.  The website lists locations in 21 states including Hawaii and Alaska and 4 Canadian Provinces. It appears from their Facebook listing that only some of the Taco […] Read more »

Brian’s Bulldog Pizza The Bulldog Challenge

You have to really love a place that rewards big eaters with a chance to win $500. CHALLENGE: Eat a 32 inch one topping pizza in 60 minutes. LOCATION: Brian’s Bulldog Pizza 107 Cottage Ave. Cashmere, WA 98815 (509)782-1505 COST: $74.99 PRIZE: $500 prize OTHER: No reservations are required for […] Read more »