Lucky’s Pizza – Lucky’s Supreme Challenge

There is something about pizza that screams food challenge. Whether is going out with friends and making sure you get your fair share before that one friend that everyone has inhales it or whether you solve that problem by eating the whole pizza in a challenge such as Lucky’s. CHALLENGE: […] Read more »

Cataldo’s Pizzeria Brooklyn Giant Pizza Challenge

The source for most of the details on this challenge came from where is is called the Brooklyn. Catalda’s website doesn’t mention a challenge at all, while their Facebook page references their Giant Pizza Challenge, with several photos of people taking the challenge and does give a brief description […] Read more »

Fox’s Pizza Den Big One Challenge

A team challenge is what we would expect from this family owned pizza place that is very supportive of the local sports teams and now gives people a chance to team up on a big pizza. CHALLENGE: You can use up to 3 people to eat this 30 inch round […] Read more »

Church Street Pizza 12 Pound Pizza Challenge

Church St. Pizza in Salem, OR unveiled a brand new eating challenge Memorial Day Weekend 2012. Acquiring a special 28″ pan for the occasion, the owner concocted a 12 lb pizza that divided the pie into four sections showcasing the four best-selling pizzas on the menu. The owner gave me […] Read more »

Philly’s Pizza Two Person Pizza Eating Contest

Philly’s Pizza is holding their first ever Big Philly pizza eating contest. Philly’s contest will be a team event with teams consisting of two people to tackle the 30 inch pizza’s that weigh approximately 10-11 pounds each. DATE AND TIME OF EATING COMPETITION: 1:30pm CDT on Saturday June 30th, 2012. […] Read more »

Church Street Pizza 12 Pound Pizza Challenge

This Challenge was recently defeated by Best Food Challenges contributor Naader (Freak8r) Reda, but I have been assured by the owner that it is still available and they look forward to all challengers. EATING CONTEST: Eat a 12 pound pizza in 90 minutes. The pizza is divided up into four […] Read more »

J&J’s Pizza Shack Kitchen Sink Challenge

Many of the food challenges we feature on Best Food Challenges are found via leads from news articles. Some sites mention in passing their challenge or not at all. We always try to verify the challenge with the restaurant and until it is verified we let you know that the […] Read more »