Red Onion Burgers – The Intimidator Challenge

Red Onion Burgers Intimidator Challenge

When it is all said and done, challenges are about the food. So if you are going to have a burger challenge, why not start with a gourmet burger and local fresh buns. In other words why not start with Red Onions Intimidator Challenge. CHALLENGE: Eat Six (6) 1/4-pound burger […] Read more »

Betty Lou’s – Betty’s Behemoth

Betty Lou's Betty's Behemoth

Betty Lou’s name indicates that it is known for its famous West Virginia style hot dogs, so naturally their food challenge is a 3 pound hamburger. Ok that is a little unfair as Betty Lou’s is an old fashioned diner with all the standards prepared in a fashion to bring […] Read more »

Red Rock Saloon The Unforgiven Challenge

Red Rock Saloon Unforgiven Challenge

So lets say you want to try a challenge, but you can’t decide between heat or massive quantities of food. With the Unforgiven Challenge you don’t have to choose. CHALLENGE: Eat a sandwich with 2 1/2 lb burgers topped with cheese & bacon, a deep-fried chicken breast, an egg, lettuce, […] Read more »

Peaches Corner – Peaches Challenge

Peaches Corner has been in business since 1937 when they sold hot dogs for 15 cents and beers for 25 cents. Unfortunately you won’t find prices like that there now, or anywhere for that matter. But what you will find is a fun challenge for those that can’t decide between […] Read more »

Mako’s Oceanfront Bar and Grill Jaws Burger Challenge

This is another challenge we got from Mako’s doesn’t have a website but they do have a Facebook page with several references to the challenge and a photo of their menu that describes the challenge. We are requesting verification from Mako’s on the details. The article also mentions a […] Read more »

Crave Real Burger’s – Big Bad Wolf Challenge

Crave deserves an award just for the creativity of the name of this challenge. What did the Big Bad Wolf want to eat? Why 3 Little Pigs of course. He should have went to Crave’s for his 3 Little Pigs. It is a much more enjoyable location then a pot […] Read more »

Hot Diggity Diner – Bomb Diggity Challenge

Details on their website are limited for this challenge, with just the name and a drawing for reference. The Facebook page is short on details also but there are many photos two get your challenge juices flowing. Most details on the challenge were from and we do have a […] Read more »

Rozzi’s Lakeshore Tavern’s Dozer Challenge

The winner of Yankee Magazine’s “Best Burger Menu” award includes a burger challenge CHALLENGE: Eat their Dozer Burger which has two 1-pound patties, eight slices of bacon, four slices of cheese, and “all the fixings”, served on a cornbread roll and a large order of fries within 30 minutes. LOCATION: […] Read more »

The Fairview Tavern Chowdown Challenge

The Fairview Tavern features a happy hour until 9:00PM every day, just in case after winning their challenge you feel like celebrating. EATING CONTEST: Eat 2 of their one pound burgers with lettuce, tomato, onions, mayonnaise, fried mozzarella, and American cheese along with a “healthy serving” of their kettle chips […] Read more »