Hot Diggity Diner – Bomb Diggity Challenge

hot diggity dog bomb challengeDetails on their website are limited for this challenge, with just the name and a drawing for reference. The Facebook page is short on details also but there are many photos two get your challenge juices flowing. Most details on the challenge were from and we do have a request for further details from the restaurant. (Update) Hot Diggity Diner has gotten back to us and we are updating the information below.

Eat five grilled cheese sandwiches made with Texas Toast with three types of cheese plus three ½ pound burgers stuffed in there and a pound of fries. A total of 5 pounds of food and you have one hour to eat it.

Hot Diggity Diner
93 South Ocean Blvd.
North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582
Phone: 843-280-FOOD (3663)


free T-shirt and $10 gift card.

No reservations are required for the challenge. Just walk in and take it.

Hot Diggity Diner Webpage
Hot Diggity Diner Facebook Page

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