Red Rock Saloon The Unforgiven Challenge

Red Rock Saloon Unforgiven ChallengeSo lets say you want to try a challenge, but you can’t decide between heat or massive quantities of food. With the Unforgiven Challenge you don’t have to choose.

Eat a sandwich with 2 1/2 lb burgers topped with cheese & bacon, a deep-fried chicken breast, an egg, lettuce, tomato & onion strings, along with a basket of fries and 6 T.C.B Ghost pepper wings in 23 minutes.

Red Rock Saloon
1227 N. Water St.
Milwaukee, WI 53202
Phone:(414) 431-0467


Get Picture on their wall, and a Red Rock Saloon Hat & Shirt.

No reservations are required for the challenge. Just walk in and take it.

Red Rock Saloon Website
Red Rock Saloon Facebook Page

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