Allan’s Mexican Restaurant – Diablo Burrito Challenge

Allen's Mexican Restaurant Diablo Challenge

This challenge mixes a beat the best time challenge with surviving hot food challenge. Considering this burrito is loaded with ghost chilies eating quickly is probably a good idea anyways. CHALLENGE: This is a two-tiered challenge eat the two bound diablo burrito made with the hottest peppers on the planet, […] Read more »

Bear’s Smokehouse – Bearwich Challenge

Bear's Smokehouse Bearwich

This is a brand new challenge. But since the owner of Bear’s Smokehouse is Jamie “The Bear” McDonald (number one ranked Independent Competitive Eater by All Pro Eating), we know it will be a good one. CHALLENGE: Eat a sandwich on a Challah roll topped with 2 lbs pulled pork, […] Read more »

LA Crawfish Challenge

LA Crawfish Pho Challenge

You say a 24-inch bowl of crawfish pho is no problem for you? Well LA Crawfish asks what if that bowl is filled with an extra spicy pho made with ghost peppers. CHALLENGE: Eat a spicy 24-inch bowl of crawfish pho in 30 minutes. LOCATION: LA Crawfish 1005 Blalock Rd, […] Read more »

Hickory Hollow – Wall of Fame Challenge

Hickory Hollow Chicken Fried Steak Challenge

Hickory Hollow describes itself as a Texas Cafe serving Texas comfort food. So what do you think of when you think of Texas and food? Well barbecue and chicken fired steak, of course. So is it any wonder that Hickory Hollow offers two challenges surrounding Texas comfort food? CHALLENGE: Challenge […] Read more »

Phil’s Last Stand Fatso’s Po Boy Challenge

In looking at its website and reading about it the only way I can describe Phil’s is a hot dog stand on steroids. Take your typical hot dog stand and “juice it” with burgers, mac n cheese, grille salami, fried shrimp and a couple of enormous food challenges and you […] Read more »

Masa’s Jefe de Jefe Burrito Challenge

In case the burrito isn’t filling enough, Masa’s boasts the largest Tequila selection in Tacoma. EATING CONTEST: Eat six pound burrito with your choice of taco meat, four flour tortillas, bean purée, rice, crema, lettuce, pico de gallo,Mexican cheese blend and guacamole in 30 minutes or less. EATING COMPETITION LOCATION: […] Read more »

The Fairview Tavern Chowdown Challenge

The Fairview Tavern features a happy hour until 9:00PM every day, just in case after winning their challenge you feel like celebrating. EATING CONTEST: Eat 2 of their one pound burgers with lettuce, tomato, onions, mayonnaise, fried mozzarella, and American cheese along with a “healthy serving” of their kettle chips […] Read more »

Ram Restaurant and Brewery Behemoth Burger Challenge

This burger challenge has its own Facebook page. Now how great is that? And with locations in 4 states you have a nice great opportunity to try it. EATING CONTEST: Eat a four-pound burger (which includes every topping the Ram offers on burgers i.e. mayo, mustard, Anaheim peppers, American cheese, […] Read more »

Playmakers Sports Grille Terminal Tower Challenge Burger

Sports bars and food challenges go hand in hand. The excitement, the competition, the mass quantities of food, they are the perfect fit. And so it is with Playmakers Sports Grille. If you lose focus on the burger contest, you can always watch one of their 30 big screen HDTV’s. […] Read more »