Phil’s Last Stand Fatso’s Po Boy Challenge

In looking at its website and reading about it the only way I can describe Phil’s is a hot dog stand on steroids. Take your typical hot dog stand and “juice it” with burgers, mac n cheese, grille salami, fried shrimp and a couple of enormous food challenges and you […] Read more »

Fat Tony’s Original 5 Pound Philly Cheese Steak Challenge

This restaurant takes it portions and challenges seriously. How about a 2.5 pound burger? Just kidding that isn’t a challenge at Fat Tony’s that’s just part of the regular menu. No they have three challenges, one that picks fire over-size. We featured the burger challenge earlier, so now we are […] Read more »

Family Pizzeria 6 1/2 lb Steakosaurus Challenge

Family Pizzeria has been in business for 26 years, “Always used only the freshest ingredients available prepared on site daily”, and is the home of two food challenges. This is their newest challenge (see a previous post for the pizza challenge). CHALLENGE: One (1) person must eat an entire Steakosaurus […] Read more »

Tony Luke’s Old Philly Style Sandwiches Ultimate Cheese Steak Challenge

If your in Philly you have to try a Philly Cheese Steak Challenge. CHALLENGE: You have one hour to eat a 5 pound cheese steak. LOCATION: Tony Luke’s Old Philly Style Sandwiches 39 East Oregon Avenue Philadelphia PA 19148 COST: $46.00 PRIZE: OTHER: No reservations are required for the challenge. […] Read more »