Jack Daniel’s Bar and Grill – The Big A$$ Burger Challenge

Casino’s are always good for food challenge, even if it is just the buffet. Jack Daniel’s Bar and Grill at the L’auberge Casino Resort has The Big A$$ Burger Challenge, to keep you away from the buffets and the black jack tables. EATING CONTEST: Finish 7 patties, 7 cheeses, 7 […] Read more »

The Creole Creamery The Tchoupitoulas Challenge

Its summer time and its hot, and probably a lot hotter in Louisiana. So what better way to cool down than eating more ice cream an ice cream sundae even bigger than its name. EATING CONTEST: Eat an ice cream sundae made with eight scoops of ice cream and your […] Read more »

Cheeburger Cheeburger Famous One Pounder

Cheeburger Cheeburger is known for their large size cheeseburgers (they say they don’t have hamburgers although you can get a cheeseburger without cheese), large variety of cheeses and toppings, and not knowing how many ounces in a pound. There 1/3 pounder cheeseburgers are 7 ounce, 1/2 pounder is 10 ounces, […] Read more »

Pluckers Wing Bar Eat 25 Wings

Well thanks to Pluckers quick response the details on this challenge are no longer sketchy. This place was recommended to us by a reader and if you aren’t into spicy challenges, they do have all you can eat wings every Monday for $15.99 and if that isn’t a challenge I […] Read more »

Mugshot’s Grill & Bar’s The Mugshot Challenge

Mugshot’s has six location over 3 states so you have ample chances to take this challenge. CHALLENGE: The Mugshot challenge consists of 3 seasoned patties piled high with 6 strips of bacon, cheddar and swiss cheese, mayo, mustard, lettuce, tomato and raw red onions. It is served with brew city’s […] Read more »