Rozzi’s Lakeshore Tavern’s Dozer Challenge

The winner of Yankee Magazine’s “Best Burger Menu” award includes a burger challenge CHALLENGE: Eat their Dozer Burger which has two 1-pound patties, eight slices of bacon, four slices of cheese, and “all the fixings”, served on a cornbread roll and a large order of fries within 30 minutes. LOCATION: […] Read more »

Pittsfield’s Original General Store Green Mountain Feast Challenge

If you are going to explore Vermont’s Green Mountains, then you are going to need a hearty breakfast. I can’t imagine a more hearty breakfast than this one. Afterwards you should be ready to explore Vermont’s beauty, or maybe take a nap. This is a lot of food. CHALLENGE: Eat […] Read more »

Big Fatty’s BBQ The Big Fatty and Fries

Two pounds of pulled pork makes for an appetizing challenge. CHALLENGE: Eat 2 pounds of pork on a 1-pound bun, soaked in a whisky maple BBQ sauce, qlong with 1 pound of fries in under an hour. LOCATION: Big Fatty’s BBQ 1547 Maple Street, Rt. 14 Hartford, Vermont 802-295-5513 55 […] Read more »