Fire on the Mountain – El Jefe Challenge

Fire on the Mountain WingsFire On The Mountain takes its sauces seriously. With 12 to choose from you know they are going to take any sauce they put on a hot wing challenge seriously. So seriously you can buy the sauce by the bottle online. So if you want to practice this challenge at home, just order a bottle a sweat to your hearts content.

Eat 15 El Jefe wings in 3½ minutes. No ranch or bleu cheese allowed, but they will let you have one napkin.

Fire on the Mountain
1708 E. Burnside
Portland, OR 97214

4225 N. Interstate
Portland, OR 97217

3443 NE. 57th Ave.
Portland, OR 97213


Win a El Jefe survivor t-shirt.

No reservations are required for the challenge. Just walk in and take it.

Fire on the Mountain Website
Fire on the Mountain Facebook Page

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