Steak & Main Oyster Bar & Steak House Great Steak Challenge

This challenge was featured on Man v Food in its second season and was first aired on 10/28/2009. A clip highlighting the fantastic steaks in the challenge is below. From the looks of their facebook page it is a very active challenge with people trying it quite often, the most recent as of this posting was on only five days before this post. You can keep up with the challenges on their Facebook page.  Or even better give this 5.5 pounds of steak and potatoes a try for yourself.

Eat 4.5 pounds of steak including an 8 ounce filet mignon, a 12 ounce New York strip, 2 – 13 ounce delmonicos, a 16 ounce flat iron steak, a 12 ounce prime rib, and a pound of sides in one hour or less.

Steak & Main Oster Bar & Steak House
107 South Main Street
North East, MD, 21901

$140.00 only if you lose.

$100.00 cash, the meal is free, a shirt, a bottle of their steak sauce and your picture on the wall.

They request you call in advance preferably at least a day ahead.

Steak & Main web site