Thorny’s Steakhouse and Saloon – Steak Dinner Challenge

Thorny's Steakhouse Steak Dinner ChallengeFair warning must be given: if you go to Thorny’s website be prepared to have your mouth start watering and become instantly hungry. The first thing that greats you is an image of a perfectly cooked, massive cut of prime rib. Actually it’s a good thing that it makes you hungry as you are going to need every bit of your hunger to challenge there 80 ounce steak dinner challenge.

Eat n 80 ounce steak complete with a side of an Idaho baked potato, house salad and yeast roll with butter in an hour or less.

Thorny’s Steakhouse and Saloon
600 S Kings Hwy,
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
843-448-BEEF (2333)

$75.00 plus tax and gratuity.

Winners get the meal price refunded, a t-shirt and your picture on the Steak Wall of Fame inside the restaurant.

You need to book your challenge at least 24 hours in advance.

Thorny’s Steakhouse and Saloon Website
Thorny’s Steakhouse and Saloon Facebook Page

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