Bert’s Chuck Wagon Challenge

We do our fair share of burger challenges. But we don’t have many with pulled pork, bacon and fried eggs on them. EATING CONTEST: Eat 3 sirloin patties (1/3 pound each) on a bun piles up with 1 pound of pulled pork, 8 slices of bacon, 6 slices of cheese, […] Read more »

Three Great Steak Challenges Scheduled for Friday

When I featured Steak & Main Oyster Bar and Steak House, I mentioned that they seem very active with their food challenges. Considering the steaks they offer it is quite understandable, after all who wouldn’t want to try to eat as many of them as possible. Well just to prove […] Read more »

Steak & Main Oyster Bar & Steak House Great Steak Challenge

This challenge was featured on Man v Food in its second season and was first aired on 10/28/2009. A clip highlighting the fantastic steaks in the challenge is below. From the looks of their facebook page it is a very active challenge with people trying it quite often, the most […] Read more »