The Stand – Big Dog Challenge

The Stand has a challenge that includes all your munchie needs, hot dogs, chili, cheese, Fritos and Doritos. Maybe they should move this challenge to Colorado. CHALLENGE: Eat a 28″ hot dog served on an entire loaf of baguette bread that is smothered in cheese, chili, Fritos, kraut, relish, onions, […] Read more »

IHOP Pancake Bowl I

In celebration of the return of IHOP’s all you can eat pancakes they are holding their first annual “Pancake Bowl.” Various IHOP locations around the country are participating, but it does not appear all U.S. IHOPs are. As of right now, artIicles have shown that IHOPs in Los Angeles, Sacramento, Des […] Read more »

Mako’s Oceanfront Bar and Grill Jaws Burger Challenge

This is another challenge we got from Mako’s doesn’t have a website but they do have a Facebook page with several references to the challenge and a photo of their menu that describes the challenge. We are requesting verification from Mako’s on the details. The article also mentions a […] Read more »

Lucky’s Pizza – Lucky’s Supreme Challenge

There is something about pizza that screams food challenge. Whether is going out with friends and making sure you get your fair share before that one friend that everyone has inhales it or whether you solve that problem by eating the whole pizza in a challenge such as Lucky’s. CHALLENGE: […] Read more »

Hot Diggity Diner – Bomb Diggity Challenge

Details on their website are limited for this challenge, with just the name and a drawing for reference. The Facebook page is short on details also but there are many photos two get your challenge juices flowing. Most details on the challenge were from and we do have a […] Read more »

Fox’s Pizza Den Big One Challenge

A team challenge is what we would expect from this family owned pizza place that is very supportive of the local sports teams and now gives people a chance to team up on a big pizza. CHALLENGE: You can use up to 3 people to eat this 30 inch round […] Read more »

BARnacles Bar & Grille Blazing Wing Challenge

  I am not sure it will help the fire, but with the view from this challenge you might be able to distract yourself from the heat. CHALLENGE: Eat six chicken wings in their homemade Blazing Wing sauce in six minutes. You’re not allowed to have a drink, dipping sauce […] Read more »

Rozzi’s Lakeshore Tavern’s Dozer Challenge

The winner of Yankee Magazine’s “Best Burger Menu” award includes a burger challenge CHALLENGE: Eat their Dozer Burger which has two 1-pound patties, eight slices of bacon, four slices of cheese, and “all the fixings”, served on a cornbread roll and a large order of fries within 30 minutes. LOCATION: […] Read more »

Pittsfield’s Original General Store Green Mountain Feast Challenge

If you are going to explore Vermont’s Green Mountains, then you are going to need a hearty breakfast. I can’t imagine a more hearty breakfast than this one. Afterwards you should be ready to explore Vermont’s beauty, or maybe take a nap. This is a lot of food. CHALLENGE: Eat […] Read more »

Big Fatty’s BBQ The Big Fatty and Fries

Two pounds of pulled pork makes for an appetizing challenge. CHALLENGE: Eat 2 pounds of pork on a 1-pound bun, soaked in a whisky maple BBQ sauce, qlong with 1 pound of fries in under an hour. LOCATION: Big Fatty’s BBQ 1547 Maple Street, Rt. 14 Hartford, Vermont 802-295-5513 55 […] Read more »