White Rabbit Filipino Fusion Truck – 6 Pound Burrito

A Filipino fusion food truck that has a 6 foot burrito challenge. It sounds well worth hunting it down.

Eat a burrito weighing in at 6 pounds in 45 minutes. The burrito is almost 2 foot long, and contains, 6 eggs, 3 pounds of any choice of meat, 6 scoops of rice, 12 cheese slices, wrapped in 6 tortillas.

White Rabbit Filipino Fusion Truck
Various locations
Los Angeles area, CA


Anyone that completes the challenge with the fastest time will be awarded their photo on their website Hall of Fame, as well as a Staff WHITE RABBIT LIMITED T-Shirt which allows 50% future purchases (limits do apply), FREE BURRITO and a Trophy

Sign up on their website.

White Rabbit website
White Rabbit Facebook page

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  1. sion says:

    i did this challenge the other day and only had 30 minutes! i yacked it up from trying to cram so much food in my mouth in the last 2 minutes.