Super Sushi La Bomba Roll Challenge

Super Sushi La Bomba ChallengeThis along with the other challenge from Super Sushi could be the most complex challenges that we have come across, with several steps along the way, but one well worth giving a try.

You have one hour to complete the challenge. You must first consume a bowl of miso soup.
Then you are given the first two rolls. You must eat both rolls, and both sides of asian slaw.
If you stop there, you will be charged for the two rolls.
If you elect to order a third roll and finish it and it’s side slaw, but DO NOT elect to continue, you will receive the third roll for free.
Continue on to the fourth roll, and finish it along with the side slaw, and you win the challenge. If you cannot finish the fourth roll, you will receive the fourth roll for free.

Superb Sushi
Downtown Boise
280 N. 8th St. Suite 104
Boise, ID 83702

At Lu Lu’s Pizza
2594 N Bogus Basin Road
Boise Idaho

The price is not mentioned on their website. We have a request in for further information.

If you win the challenge, you will recive your picture on the wall of fame, get a Tee shirt and receive your meal for free!

No reservations are required for the challenge. Just walk in and take it.

Superb Sushi Website
Superb Sushi Facebook Page