Rockin Crab House Firehouse Challenge

I would recommend checking out Rockin Crab Houses Facebook page, especially if you plan on trying their Firehouse Challenge. The often have special’s only for their Facebook fans. As an example they recently had a 5 cent beer special for people that new the secret word from their fan page. Now how good would that be after finishing off those hot wings?

Eat 10 scorching hot wings lathered in their top secret hot sauce in 5 minutes. No drinking of any kind during challenge.

Rockin Crab House
12531 Harbor Blvd. Suite A
Garden Grove, CA
Phone: (714) 530-5300


Finish in five minutes and its free. Your picture goes on the website, the restuarant wall and you get a free t-shirt

No reservations are required for the challenge. Just walk in and take it.

Rockin Crab House Website

Rockin Crab House Facebook Page