Just Wing It Crybaby Wings Challenge

Just Wing It Crybaby WingsWhenever possible we rely on the restaurant itself from its advertising to get all the details on Challenges. However, this limits our choices, as many restaurants do not add their challenges to their websites and may cover them with Facebook, in less detail then we would like here. Fortunately these challenges are becoming so popular that local newspapers and websites often do compilations of area challenges. This challenge is one of those. The basic challenge is referenced in Just Wing It’s Facebook page, but most of the details below are from Bakersfieldlife.com. A request is being made to Just Wing It for verification of this data.

Eat ten of their wings covered in their crybaby sauce in five minutes. You are not allowed to have anything to drink anything while eating the wings and for a five-minute period after completion. The wings are not part of their regular menu and they are reported to be ten times hotter than the hottest wing on their menu.

Just Wing It
4725 Panama Ln,
Bakersfield, CA 93313
(661) 837-9464


Free wings, an “I Survived the Crybaby Challenge” T-shirt, and a photo and shout out on the “Wall of Flame” on Just Wing It’s Facebook page.

The Challenge is only available on Fridays at their Panama Lane location.

Just Wing It Website
Just Wing It Facebook Page

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