Brion’s Grille Burger Challenge

Brions Grille Burger ChallengeIt is always nice when a restaurant with a food challenge also gets rave reviews for its food. “Nancy Leson, food critic for the Washington Post, has called Brion’s food ‘exquisite.’ Restaurant magazine says Brion’s is ‘classic and unconventional.'”

You have one hour to eat 4 burgers( Fire Burger (blackened, with jalapenos and buffalo wing sauce), the Big Cheese (topped with four cheeses and nacho sauce), the Heart Attack Burger (with onion rings, bacon and jalapeno poppers) and the BG Monster: two burgers layered between a trio of grilled cheese sandwiches.) totaling 2.5 pounds on a bed of cheese fries topped with bacon.

Brion’s Grille
10621 Braddock Road
Fairfax, VA 22030

The Website does not mention the price but the menu shows individual burgers cost between $8.89 to $9.89, although none of the four burgers mentioned in the challenge are listed on the website menu.


No reservations are required for the challenge.

Brion’s Grille Website
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