ZZa’s on the Square Challenge

zzas pizza challengeHere is a challenge that gives back. Zza’s will donate 50 to ICAN for every winner.

Eat he entire 28″ Party Zza (28 inch pizza with over 3 pounds of cheese on it) by yourself in 90 minutes.

Zza’s On The Square
48 S San Marcos Place
Chandler, AZ 85282
480 289-4556

$29.00 for a cheese pizza and $5.00 per topping.

You get reimbursed the cost of the pie, Zza’s donates $50 to ICAN, you will receive an “I ate the whole 28” t-shirt, your picture will go on our wall, and a press release will be sent to the SanTan News, the Chandler Republic, and the Arizona Republic.

You need to make reservations for this challenge.

Zza’s On The Square website