Z-Teca Mexican Grill The Mexicutioner

Z-tecas Mexican Grill the mexicutionerThis burrito competition brings some heat with it, as they had Jalapenos and a Habanero salsa.

Eat their monster burrito which includes, 2 – 12 inch tortillas stuffed with 3 scoops of Spanish rice, Cilantro Lemon Rice, Black Beans, refried beans and 1 scoop of marinated grilled chicken, white chicken breast, ground beef and sirloin steak. Then it is topped with 2 scoops of Queso cheese sauce, with Jalapenos, 2 scoops of Enchilada sauce and 4 toppings from their salsas and such board, one of which has to be their Habanero salsa. It is finished off with tortilla chips and shredded lettuce on the side. You have 8 minutes to eat it.

Z-Teca Mexican Grill
2450 Grand Ste 143
Kansas City, MO 64108


Custom T-shirt and the meal is free.

You have to schedule ahead of time.

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