Green Iguana Monster Iguana Challenge

The Green Iguana has been in Tampa Bay for over 19 years and now has six locations. Know for its live music and great burgers, they decided to combine three of their signature burgers into one big monster. EATING CONTEST: Eat their Mambo King, Florentine Burger and Mushroom Bacon Swiss […] Read more »

Eats American Grill Challenge

Eats American Grill is dedicated to classic American cuisine. They use recipes recorded in historic cookbooks from different cities and regions of the United States. So it seems only fair that their challenge would be a classic burger. EATING CONTEST: Eat a two-pound Classic Burger with one-pound of fries in […] Read more »

Big Fred’s Famous Roast Beef Hurricane Fred Challenge

Information on this challenge is from several articles in the Tampa Bay Times. We are also attempting to verify the information with the restaurant. In the mean time their Facebook Page (no website that we could find) does say you can get a 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 pound […] Read more »

Wintzell’s Oyster Eating Contest

How many raw oysters can you eat? Well recently Wintzell’s Oyster Houses old record of 403 was surpassed by Ken Orndoff when he ate 421 on September 11th, 2010. It took a heroic (and since I am trying to keep this blog appetizing) unmentionable effort to do this. If you […] Read more »