Shakespeare’s English Pub The Great White Whale

Shakespeare's English Pub The Great White Whale

This is The Great White Whale!  In March of 2011 I went to Shakespeare’s English Pub in San Diego, California. On this beautiful day I step up to “The Plate” which consists of a 2+ pound piece of fish, a healthy pound of fries and a bowl of peas. Also, served with lemons, malt, tarter and anything else you may need to get this challenge done, they are happy to accomadate. It took me 27 minutes of the alloted 45 minutes to finish making this my first challenge win!! I had tried two other challenges before this one both ending in failure. I will get to those “tales of the table” but I figured I start my contributions with a win!!

For those of you looking for a food challenge, this is a great one to start with. Its difficulty level is low(4-10) and completion rate is high(about 95%). The food is delicious which always makes a challenge a little easier but it also has variety. Your able to switch from one item to the next to keep your palate interested and helping avoid flavor fatigue. They keep the energy high while challengers are at work by telecom announcments and table visits, keeping you informed and enthusiastic to continue!

The “Great White Whale” will set you back 25 bucks if space or time run out. If you can beat the clock and prove you’ve got the room to eat a whale, you are rewarded with an “I DID IT” t shirt and your meal is on the house. The challenge is available during oprating hours. It does not require a reservation. They love challengers! to have your go at the Whale visit: Shakespeare’s Pub and Grill 3701 India St. San Diego, Ca 92103  (619) 299-0230.

This is Matt”Sweet Tooth”Cohen signing off….see you @ the table.