Ribslayer To Go’s Flaming MOFO

Ribslayer To Go PeppersHere is a slightly different twist on a spicy food challenge. Pulled pork and beef brisket sandwich with what the owner describes as devils relish.

Eat “The Flaming MOFO” which is a Pulled pork sandwich topped with their tender Beef Brisket topped with their Blazing hot BBQ sauce on a cornmeal bun and topped with the devils relish, they call the “Fire!” Jolokia’s, Habeneroes, Chipotles, jalapenos and Black Mamba Choclate Habenero sauce with sauteed onions and tomato with their rub and puree.

Ribslayer To Go
575 NE 2nd St.
McMinnville, OR 97128
(503) 472-1309


Get name on their “Wall of Flame.”

No reservations are required for the challenge. Just walk in and take it.

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