Red Devil Pizza 28 Inch Pizza Challenge

Are you having a hard time keeping all of your food challenges organized? Well here is one that could help. One out of every 20 winners of this challenge will receive an Apple Ipad.

Two people must eat a 28 inch, four topping pizza in one half hour.

Red Devil Pizza
17555 Chatsworth St.
Granada Hills, CA 91344

Estimated at $40.99 based on 28 inch price and additional items price from websites menu.

Pizza is free, a gift certificate for two additional 28 inch, four topping pizza, Red Devil Pizza shirts and hats, entered into a drawing with 19 other winning teams for an Apple Ipad. Also if you beat the current record (as of this article 8.2 minutes) you get a $200 gift prize.

Challenges can be taken any day of the week between 11AM and 8PM and on Friday and Saturday until 10PM.

Red Devil Pizza Website
Red Devil Pizza Facebook Page