Looking for Competitive Eaters and Restaurants with Food Challenges

Are you a competitive eater looking for a way to promote your name, website or twitter feed? How about a restaurant that has a food challenge that wants help with spreading the word about their challenge and their restaurant in general? Well we at BestFoodChallenge.com want to help you get the word out.  We are looking for people to share their exploits with us here. There are several ways that you can utilize our website to get more followers and/or customers. Firstly if you are a restaurant that we have not featured, but would like to be featured on our site fill out the Restaurant Information Form and once verified we will post about your restaurant. If you are a competitive eater, fan of food challenges or a restaurant owner and want to contribute on a regular basis about yours or other peoples eating competitions then become a contributor that allows you to post reports on an ongoing basis. Finally if you have a video of a food challenge contact send it to us and we will promote it and your information on our upcoming Youtube channel. For details on how to send it to us send an email to us at with the heading Youtube, and we will get back with you on how to send it to us.

We hope these new features will make us more interactive and will give our readers more information, while ensuring the people that keep this whole fun activity going, i.e the competitive eaters, restaurants and fans a little boost.