Help Naader (Freak8r) Reda Be Selected for Hot Dog Eating Contest

Naader (Freak8r) Reda at Voodoo Doughnuts
Best Food Challenges Contributor, and top-notch competitive eater Naader (Freak8r) Reda is in a competition to be in a competition. On July 4th, the 2012 Crif Dog Classic will be held in Brooklyn New York. They have only a few spots remaining open and are having a competition between 6 competitive eaters to snag one of the few remaining spots.

Here is Naaders most recent video from his Youtube channel.

YouTube Preview Image

Now if it was just a food challenge that Naader had to win to enter we would have no doubts that he would be there. But in this case part of the selection process for the spot relies on people voting for him on their website. So we ask all our readers to go to Crif Dog Classic and vote for Freak8r. I am sure if he wins, he will reward us all with an interesting inside view of a hot dog eating competition.