Gus and Paul’s Challenge

Gus and Paul's ChallengeIf you are like I am and believe there is no such thing as a too large corned beef sandwich, this challenge is for you.

Eat what Gus and Paul’s calls the world’s biggest corned beef sandwich which consists of 2.5 lbs of corned beef, 1 lb swiss cheese, 2 sliced tomatoes, 1/2 head of lettuce, 1.5 lb water roll, 1/2 lb of mustard, 1 lb sliced pickles, 1 lb of coleslaw, and 1.25 lbs of french fries in one hour.

Gus & Paul’s
1209 Sumner Avenue
Springfield, MA 01118
(413) 782-5710 Bakery
(413) 782-6629 Deli


Meal is free

No reservations are required for the challenge. Just walk in and take it.

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