Griff’s Chicken Shack – Chicken Finger Challenge

Griff's Chicken FingersGriff’s Chicken Shack probably has one of the most flexible challenges around, which is a great way to start, if you have never taken a good challenge before. What makes it so flexible is that for the challenge fee you get 15 chicken fingers. Even if you can’t eat them all you get to take the remaining ones home. Eat 10 Fingers and your picture goes up on the wall.  But you don’t have to stop at 15. You can eat as many fingers as you can in the hour, and they give you two levels to beat, the “normal person” record of 20 and the overall record of 30 which is held by “The Great Moomsi” who was featured on Man v Food.

Beat the record for eating chicken fingers in an hour of 20 for a “normal person” or 30 for the overall record.

Griff’s Chicken Shack
3000 Whitney Avenue
Hamden, CT 06518


Beat at least the “normal person” record and get a T-shirt, the meal is free and you get your Picture on the Wall.

No reservations are required for the challenge. Just walk in and take it.

Griff’s Chicken Shack Web Site
Griff’s Chicken Shack Facebook Page

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  1. Thanks, Dan. People also have the option of just buying 10 ($11) if they’re just interested in getting a photo on the wall (and our Facebook page).

  2. Meagan says:

    The chicken is delicious – I had no problem chowing down 12 of those glorious fingers on my birthday this past Friday to claim the female leader spot on their “Man vs. Bird” wall of fame… my husband outdid me by eating 14 of them! Don’t be fooled, these tenders are HUGE – but they may quite possibly be the best fried chicken in the Northeast!