Ericka’s On Elm

Ok I know this is a blog about food challenges. Large indulgent amounts of food, that take will, desire and a sense of I want it all to eat. But one of the reasons we are interested in these challenges is that we love food. So when I come across a place that has simple good food at a good price I can’t help but write about it. Ericka’s on Elm in Torrington, Connecticut is just such a place. I first heard about it from my son, who’s friends mother is a police officer in Torrington. It seems the whole department was raving over the steamed cheese burgers at Ericka’s.

So a couple of weeks ago I snuck out at lunch time to sample Ericka’s. If you are looking for fine dining or even a table to sit at then Ericka’s isn’t for you. However, if you want want friendly company, even friendlier servers and good simple fast food at a price that makes you wonder how MacDonald’s stays in business, then you need to try Ericka’s.

The place is small with a curving counter and stools that seat approximately 15 people. Chances are you will be waited on and your food cooked by the owner Ericka. From the first time you walk in you are greeted as if you have been a regular for five years, which is hard to do, since it has only been open 6 weeks. The menu is short, with steamed cheeseburgers, hot dogs, egg sandwich’s served all day long, soup, muffins, donuts and bagels.

On Friday’s they add a special that changes every week. When I was in they had sausage and peppers. It was their first time having the special and Ericka offered me a sample. Delicious and as much as I wanted more, I passed as I had come for what had people were talking about, the steamed cheeseburgers. If you are not familiar with steamed cheeseburgers, and I believe most people outside of Connecticut aren’t, they are square patties steamed in a special container and steamer, with another container handling the cheddar cheese. They are juicy and filled with the flavor of the ground beef and the cheese slowly covers the hamburger like it was white lava. Ericka’s burgers didn’t disappoint. They were filled with flavor and have a wide variety of toppings to add to them.

Another visit the egg sandwich was found to be just as tasty, and a third showed the “Loaded Potato Soup” to be a match for the burgers in taste. The muffins are made on site. There are two soups daily that rotate between a selection of twenty or so different soups. Prices are very reasonable with Burgers including a bag of chips $5.50.

So if you want good, fast burgers. at a price that won’t dent your wallet, in a friendly atmosphere you can’t beat Ericka’s on Elm. They do a large take out business and orders can be called in ahead of time.

336 North Elm Street
Torrington, CT 06790