Clinton Station Diner – 5 Different Burger Challenges

Clinton Station Diner, Clinton, NJ Mt. Olympus burgerWith burger challenges ranging from 1 to 50 pounds, you get to tailor the challenge to your hunger.

Mt. Olympus – you and four friends need to finish this 50 pound burger in three hours.
Zeus – You and a friend have one and half hours to finish this or if you choose to do it by yourself 3 hours for this 7 pound burger.
Atlas – three pound burger, finish it in two hours by yourself or in 45 minutes with a friend.
Hercules – two pound burger.
Achilles – one pound burger.

Clinton Station Diner
Route 173 and Bank Street
Clinton, NJ 08809
(908) 713 – 0012


Finish the Mt. Olympus, Zeus or Atlas in the alloted time and the meal is free.

It doesn’t mention a requirement to order ahead, but usually burgers of this time need some warning so call first.

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