Clam Digger The Clam Slam Challenge

Clam Digger’s in Waterbury is a sister restaurant to Doogie’s Restaurant in Newington. Like Doogie’s it offers the Hot Dog Challenge. There are minor differences. The price is $25 and you get 25 minutes to complete. You also get the same Clam Digger Shirt that you get for winning the Clam Slam Challenge (see below).

Eat 3.5 pounds of seafood—Shrimp, Clam Strips & Fish, dressed with 3 crab cakes all on a bed of fries in 35 minutes

The Clam Digger
1051 Wolcott Street
Waterbury, CT


Clam Digger Shirt, which says ” We have The Clams—We don’t Have The Crabs and you get picture on wall.

No reservations are required for the challenge. Just walk in and take it.

Shares website with Doggie’s Restaurant

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  1. Meagan and James says:

    The Clam digger is an enormous platter of food – James tackled the Clamdigger only to find that they have now added a whopping serving of calamari to the plate. You will now find this challenge to be $40 and 40 minutes to finish …. GOOD LUCK! Only one person had tackled this challenge prior to James.
    Meagan tackled the hot dog challenge, and downed the 48″ of hot dogs, 6 buns, and almost all of the fries… with 10 fries remaining, time ran up. Meagan says “If the chili was better, I would have finished…”