Smokey Bones National Burger Eating Contest

Check out information on the 2012 Smokey Bones Eating Contest Here. On June 29th, 2011 at 7:00PM Smokey Bones will have a burger eating contest at each of its restaurants. There will be one winner at each restaurant and a national winner will be selected from those winners. $2.00 of […] Read more »

Charlie Parker’s Four Stack Giant Pancake Challenge

This restaurant was featued on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives. So if that doesn’t have your curiosity up, there is always there pancake challenge. CHALLENGE: Eat 4 of their giant pancakes. LOCATION: Charlie Parker’s 700 North Street Springfield, IL 62704 217-241-2104 COST: $12.95 PRIZE: Pancakes are free OTHER: Available until […] Read more »

Fat Sandwich Company’s Big Fat Ugly Challenge

This small chain of restaurants got its inspiration from the legendary Grease Trucks at Rutgers University. They built their first one in Norman, Oklahoma and have added additional ones in Madison, Wisconsin and Champaign, Illinois. The Norman, Oklahoma restaurant is no longer open, but you can still take this challenge […] Read more »

Wing’s Etc. Wall-Sauce Wings Challenge

We have neglected the spicy food challenges. But heres a chance to correct that. With 20 locations in three states this challenge covers a lot of ground CHALLENGE: Eat 16 “Wall-Sauced” jumbo wings with no beverage or other food item. LOCATION: Wings Etc. 14 locations in Indiana 2 locations in […] Read more »