Bushido Japanese Restaurant Spicy Tuna Hand Roll Challenge

Another Man V Food challenge this one requiring you to eat your way through ten levels of heat in Spicy Tuna rolls

Challenger must eat ten Spicy Tuna Rolls in order from mildest to hottest. Challenger is NOT allowed to drink milk or dip their food in white sauce, nor is he allowed to eat anything that may help decrease the spice level of the challenge (i.e. no ice cream, no avocadoes, etc.)

Bushido Japanese Restaurant
1975 Magwood Drive, Unit V,
Charleston, SC 29414


Each challenger who finishes, gets his/her picture taken and placed on the “Hall Of Fame”, a $25 gift certificate, and a Bushido Headband that entitles the bearer a free appetizer or a free small sake each time he/she comes into the restaurant WEARING it. Note…the headband MUST be worn inside the restaurant to avail of these free stuff!

If you are interested in doing the challenge, please call to make reservations for parties of 6 or more.

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