Black Otter Supper Club Prime Rib Challenge

Bob & Geri's Black Otter Supper Club Extreme Cut prime ribI bet you thought there are only Cheeseheads in Wisconsin. Well how about celebrating the Green Bay Packers Superbowl win with an 160 ounce cut of prime rib. I cannot think of a tastier challenge then this.

Eat their super cut (116 ounce) or extreme cut (160 ounce with 4 bones) prime rib by yourself.

Bob & Geri’s Black Otter Supper Club
503 S. Nash
Hortonville, WI 54944
(920) 779-6975

Market price

You get your picture on the “Wall of Fame” with either challenge. Complete the Extreme Challenge and you will also receive a $20.00 gift certificate and an Extremely best t-shirt.

Upon Availability! First Come, First Served!

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