Welcomes Matt “Sweet Tooth” Cohen as a Contributor

We are pleased to welcome Matt “Sweet Tooth” Cohen as a contributor to our site. Matt is a competitive eater that has competed in over 75 eating competitions and has also successfully completed over 30 food challenges, all in the past three years. We look forward to having his expertise on competitive eating, as well as giving us the view point of a successful food challenger.

Matt has just started a youtube channel showcasing some of his eating feats. Make sure to check out his TOOTHchannel often as he is just starting to upload his many videos.

“Sweet Tooth,” living up to his nickname, is the defending champion of  Farrells Ice Cream Parlor Summer Ice Cream Eating Spectacular Challenge. We look forward to him sharing his preparation for this event and to see if he can set the Farrell’s consumption speed record for the third year in a row.

Here is his video from that competition direct from his Youtube channel.
YouTube Preview Image