Batter Up Pancakes Grand Slam Challenge

Grand Slam Challenge

Grand Slam Challenge

Anyplace that you can get pancakes with Butterfingers, Oreo’s, M&M’s or vanilla ice cream is a place I want to go for breakfast. If all those choices of pancakes isn’t enough then you can try their Grand Slam Challenge


Eat the Grand Slam Challenge which consists of 10 scrambled eggs with your choice of 4 items (a cup of each from their build your won omelet ingredient list), 2 cups of country potatoes, 1 cup of cheddar and jack cheese, all on top of 25 fluid ounces of old fashioned buttermilk pancake, served on a 16 inch pizza tray in 45 minutes or less.


Batter Up Pancakes

4025 W. Figarden Drive #101

Fresno, CA 93722




Meal is free, a tee shirt, a coffee mug and your photo on the wall.


No reservations are required for the challenge. Just walk in and take it. The record is 6 minutes.


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